Harvey Windows

Harvey  is one of the few US manufacturers who continue to create US jobs and who design all of their own window products.

Over the years as a general contractor, we have been very impressed with their products and customer service.

harvey windows


Harvey Windows s a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality building products including windows, doors and patios.  They have been a pioneer in technology, green energy efficiency and community service.  The company is based out of Waltham, Massachusetts and are privately held.  Originally started in 1961, they have grown to be the leader in building products in the Northeast United States.

The company recently constructed a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility featuring to improve their automation processes in Londonderry, New Hampshire.  With a new layout featuring an in-house testing lab, a dedicated recycling area to help preserve our natural resources and state of the art automation system, Harvey Building Products continues to be the leader in the industry.

The Green Leader Of Manufacturers

Harvey  a member of The United States Green Building Council (USGBC)  and an ENERGY STAR certified builder.  They have shown a dedication to protecting the environment with energy efficient products and building practices.   They manage to recycle over 90% of their manufacturing waste.

From using 100% recycled products for their cardboard packaging to minimizing their vinyl scrap through computer technologies, we rate them as the best company for green conscious consumers looking to support locally owned businesses that adhere to Energy Star and USGBC code.


Community Leadership

With Harvey, they don’t stop their leadership with their green building practices.  In fact, they go out of their way to get involved in their local communities and have played a pivotal role in the Homes For Our Troops program since 2009.

As a non-profit organization that builds and retrofits homes for severely injured war veterans for free, the Homes For Our Troops program relies on building professionals to volunteer their time, skills and products to help renovate houses for our military.  As a sponsor of HFOT, Harvey has donated thousands of dollars in supplies and workforce and continue to push forward as a primary sponsor in 2014.

Harvey’s Vinyl Windows Line-Up

Harvey BP vinly windows

As a manufacturer and distributor to home builders and contractors, the company has several product lines to choose from.

Harvey Tribute

With a  U-value close to 0.30 and a DP of 30, the Tribute line of windows is among the best performing and aesthetically pleasing windows for home owners.   The are also the most expensive and the top of the line window produced by Harvey BP.


Harvey Classic

Considered by professionals to be the best value window in the industry, the Classic series has a block and tackle mechanism with even more glass than the Tribute line.

It is hard to beat the value in the Classic series, and often times the more expensive products from other companies don’t outweigh the cost value from this line.  They have an upper sash width of 3 5/8″, lower sash of  3 1/8″, U-value at 0.32, DP of 35, AI rating of 0.14, STC 28, and SHGC of 0.30 truly make it the stand out choice in the mid-priced windows market.


Harvey Slimline

In order to compete with more cost friendly offerings, Harvey introduced their Slimline series at a steep discount from the mid and high end offerings. The Slimline series frame is 0.25″ thinner their other series and with an STC of 28, they provide plenty of glass and good sightlines.  We would only recommend this series for smaller openings and think value wise you are better off choosing their Classic series 99% of the time.