Wallside Windows

Wallside Windows was started in 1944 by Martin Blanck.  Today, the business is still run by the family with Martin’s 3 sons handling the company.  The company is headquarted in Taylor, Michigan and they are the dominant manufacturer throughout the Great Lakes and the Ohio valley region.


Wallside Windows

As a direct to homeowner manufacturer, Wallside is able to pass on savings directly to the consumer.  This is the main selling point for the company and their method has proven to be successful.


Wallside Window Options

Double Hung
Double Sliding
Bay & Bow
End Vent
Center Vent Sliding
Custom orders

Speaking of custom windows, all windows are made by hand by their team.  So custom sizes are not a problem for Wallside.


Wallside Windows Reviews

Most consumers are pleased with the product, they have a solid reputation online and get positive reviews for their sales and installation.  A lot of this is due to cutting out the middle man and selling their windows directly to their customers.  It helps with any major purchase to have a rapport with the company that builds the final product.


Warranty & Repairs

Our favorite feature of Wallside is their commitment to their buyers.  Even if you were the not the original purchaser of the windows, say if  buy a home from another owner who had them installed originally, the company will honor their warranty and fix any problems you may encounter.  The warranty period goes all the way to 35 years!